The Simply Pressed Clay is a must. You can make the exact embellishments that you need for your card. In the Occasional Mini catalog, Stampin’Up! introduced the Alphanumeric Mold #137854, $9.95. With the Simply Pressed Clay, #130685, $6.95, you can make the clay letters that you need for your projects.


When you open your clay, seal it tightly after it is opened and then put it in a zip-lock bag and it will keep soft and pliable for months.

The clay is so easy to use. Pinch off a piece of clay and knead it slightly and then press it in the mold. Keep the edges as clean as possible. I prefer to let mine set in the mold over night, but if you are in a hurry, pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and it will harden enough to pop the piece out easily. Allow the clay to dry completely for about twenty-four hours before adding color. Trim the edges before using.

If you want to add color to your clay, you can do this in several ways. First, you can add a few drops of re-inkers and color the clay before using, then knead the color in (putting it in a zip lock baggie before kneading saves your fingers from getting inked). Alternately, when it is dry, you can add color by sponging on the ink; coloring with a marker, or painting with the re-inkers and a brush. Also, you can spritz on color by using a few drops of re-inker and alcohol. Cover the letters with Dazzling Diamonds to give them a sparkle.

To attach your creations to your cards you can use glue dots, the Multipurpose liquid glue, or Crystal Effects.

You can use the clay to roll out flat to make tags and then stamp on it. Or, use the clay as you would Paperclay or regular clay by making your own shapes.

If you want a glossy appearance add a coat of Crystal Effects.

The Simply Pressed Clay is flexible when it is dry. It will attach to a card and is easy to mail.

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